When to Tackle What – Creating a Timeline for Home Maintenance

 Weekly home maintenance

When to Tackle What – Creating a Timeline for Home Maintenance

A 2021 Hippo survey revealed that 77% of unexpected home repairs cost homeowners over $1,000. An unplanned expense like that can throw a wrench into any budget. Fortunately, keeping up with regular home maintenance can help avoid any surprises.

Taking stock of your home can get a little overwhelming when considering everything that should be done. While little home maintenance tasks can add up, there’s a way to organize and prioritize them that is manageable.

Some home maintenance tasks must be done weekly, others monthly, and some only are required to be done every three to six months.

So how do you know which task should be done when? Let’s go through them!


 Weekly home maintenance

Think of most weekly home maintenance as surface-related tasks.

You’ll want to take care of anything that’s visible. This includes vacuuming floors and carpet, dusting furniture, spot removal, trimming bushes, and wiping down your stovetops. These may not seem like they’ll make a big difference, but they do.

Cleaning out the lint filter in your dryer is a routine task that is often forgotten. But it can save you some serious money in the long run. Failure to do this could result in your dryer running inefficiently and causing your electricity bill to rise.

Worse yet, it puts unneeded strain on the appliance which could ultimately lead to the machine breaking or potentially causing a fire.

Monthly home maintenance tasks

Monthly home maintenance tasks have more to do with the inner workings of appliances.

For example, you’ll want to clean drains, replace HVAC filters, clean stovetop filters, test your smoke alarms’ batteries, and more. By doing this, you’ll extend the life of your appliances and ensure that they continue to work as they should.

Perhaps the most important of these tasks is testing smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Avoiding regularly maintaining these can come at a huge cost – your well-being and possibly your life.

Bi-annual home maintenance tasks

There are a few tasks that only need to be done twice a year, but they’re still important.

Consider deep cleaning every six months and targeting areas that can get overlooked, such as closets, garages, and underneath furniture. This can prevent mold growth and dust buildup in the home.

You should also consider replacing the batteries of your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detector. This is also a great time to check your water pressure to ensure your plumbing isn’t being strained.



The annual list is an extensive one, which is why we prefer to organize it by season.


In the spring, you’ll want to tidy up your house, including your front and backyard. After a long winter, those areas probably need a little love.


Home maintenance tasks include clearing your yard of any dead trees or plants. It also includes tasks like checking your gutters, getting windows replaced, repairing any damaged indoor screens, and more.


Summer is a spectacular time to spend outside and discover if any small creatures can enter your property. This is usually the season around which pests or insects will make themselves at home. Get a pest inspection done to make sure you’re good to go!

This is also a good time to check your plumbing for any damage caused by frozen pipes.


In the fall, you’ll want to get ready for winter.

Make sure you’re heating works and that your furnace has new filters to avoid any surprises when the cold weather arrives. If you have a chimney, then get ready for cozy nights in front of the fire by having it professionally cleaned.

It’s also a great time to flush indoor and outdoor water fixtures.


The winter tasks are all about the details!

During the cold season, check the caulking of the shower, as well as the various locks and bolts. You’ll also want to make sure you don’t have any mold or anything growing in the dark.

If you live in a place where you’re stuck indoors, this is a great time to check up on all the small odds and ends around the house.

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