What’s Included in a Flat Subscription?

Every Flat visit includes:

360 Home Health Report

Preventative Maintenance

Handyman Services

Beyond Handy

Preventative maintenance protects one of the most significant investments you’ll ever make, reduces stress, and boosts the enjoyment of your property. Handing that responsibility over to Flat means your nights and weekends can be a chance to relax and recharge again.

You're One Subscription Away from a Shorter To-Do List

We take care of all the crucial preventative maintenance tasks that are often overlooked by homeowners, ensuring your home remains in excellent working condition and free from potential issues.

All the components that make a home comfortable are rarely top of mind when functioning, but they’re hard to ignore when they stop working. We see you, evening and weekend warriors. Out there, cleaning your clogged gutters in the rain, snaking your bathroom sink with a screaming toddler in the corner, and scouring the store shelf for the correct HVAC filter. You'll use all that putty again eventually, right? What was that we said about a “slice of solitude?”

What’s Included?

Replace HVAC filters

Keeping your home's temperature comfortable year-round depends on maintaining your HVAC unit. Filters are the first line of defense your system has to avoid unnecessary strain and buildup of dust and contaminants, and it’s vital to the health of your system.

Replace smoke alarm batteries and check the life of the unit

Batteries are the lifeblood of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Did you know even smoke alarms expire? That’s not something you want to find out the hard way. We check all your smoke & CO alarms, test the functionality, and change batteries as needed to ensure each and every unit is in good working order.

Snake all drains

Think snaking drains is exclusively reactive maintenance? Think again. We snake your drains at every home visit to prevent the buildup of minor clogs that have a way of creating big problems when left to grow unchecked.

Clean range hood vent and dishwasher filter

Much like your HVAC filter, range hood vents and dishwasher filters need regular maintenance to keep them effective and reduce strain on other components. The good news is these units include more permanent filters. Still, they do need to be cleaned periodically for optimal performance.

Sanitize garbage disposal, dishwasher, and washer

Garbage disposals, dishwashers, and washing machines all deal with gray water - which is to say, dirty, oily, grimy water full of particulates. Regular cleaning and sanitizing prevent the buildup of stinky bacteria and reduce the likelihood that the drain lines fill with gunk and attract pests.

Flat Subscriptions

$156 billed yearly
  • Yearly Home Assessment Visit
  • Home Vault
  • Handyman Services
  • Checklist and Reminders
  • Recommended Contractors
Assessment + Maintenance
$588 billed yearly

Everything in Assessment plus:

  • 2x/year Home Assessment
  • 2x/year Home Maintenance
  • 1 Hour of Handyman Services
  • 5% Off Handyman Services


While onsite we replace smoke detector and CO detector batteries annually, replace your HVAC filter (Flat covers material for 1” filters, customer to provide if over 1” thick), clean dishwasher filter, clean range hood vents, clean exterior of bathroom exhaust fans, snake all sink drains, sanitize dishwasher/washing machine/garbage disposal, and lubricate door hinges as needed.

We provide all material as part of your subscription, except for HVAC filters that are over 1” in thickness. However we do have a partnership with Second Nature for filter subscriptions here, if you would like to take advantage of our discount and press the easy button. For filters over 1” in thickness, our team can install the customer provided material.

Prior to our visit and during our introduction to start the visit, please let your HomePro know any questions or specific areas you have questions about. You are more than welcome to shadow your HomePro for parts or the entire visit to learn more about your home.