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Elevate your home experience by centralizing all your home's needs in one app. Monitor your home’s status, securely store essential information, track maintenance tasks, manage home finances, and book on-demand services with just a few taps.

Status of Home
Handyman Services
Maintenance Checklist
Vetted Vendors

Home Status

Utilizing Flat’s InspectIQ technology, the Home Status feature provides a comprehensive view of your home’s current condition alongside a Home Health Score. This feature highlights critical areas that need attention and offers proactive solutions to address potential issues before they escalate. Seamlessly integrated within the Flat app, it empowers homeowners to maintain and improve their property’s condition effectively, ensuring peace of mind and preventing costly repairs down the line.

  • Home Health Score
  • Detailed report of your home
  • Easy service booking
  • Recommended action items

Home Vault

Secure and organize your home’s essential information effortlessly. A digital safe for all your property details, from paint colors to appliance warranties, ensuring everything you need is just a click away.

  • Appliances - Health score, lifetime left, recall information, and more.
  • Information: Paint colors, floor type, filter size, etc.
  • Documents - Warranties, insurance docs, etc.
  • History - Save details of past home projects

Financial Insights

Discover the financial potential of your home with Flat’s Home Finance Insights. Our intuitive platform provides valuation, market comparisons, and personalized financial strategies to empower your homeownership journey.

  • Home Valuation
  • Interest Rate Health (IRH)
  • Neighborhood Insights
  • Recommended Actions
  • Rental Forecasting
  • Mortgage Tracker

Checklist & Reminders

Not only do we curate a list tailored to your home’s specific maintenance needs, but you also have the flexibility to add your personal tasks, creating a truly comprehensive home care plan, ensuring your property remains well-maintained and preserving its value.

  • Add any tasks to your checklist
  • Reminders for upcoming tasks
  • Checkoff completed items
  • Easy service booking
  • Curated list for your home

Vetted Contractors

Access to our pool of cherry-picked local contractors. Whether you need help with roofing, plumbing, electrical, or practically anything else home-related, we’ve got the right pro for the job.

Book Services

Effortlessly book recommended repairs, routine maintenance tasks, or on-demand services directly through the Flat app. With just a few clicks, you can conveniently manage all your home service needs, ensuring your property remains in optimal condition without the hassle of multiple bookings or phone calls.