Technology + Hands On Maintenance

Flat Is The
Operating System
For Your Home.

Flat is a comprehensive home management platform that simplifies and enhances the homeownership experience. By integrating various aspects of home management into a single, intuitive interface, Flat makes it easier for homeowners to track, manage, and maintain their properties, ensuring efficient management and enhanced living quality.

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One App.
Everything Home.

Elevate your home experience by centralizing everything your home needs. See the status of your home, store vital home information, track maintenance tasks, and book on-demand services - all from one app.

  • See which areas of your home need attention
  • Store all of your home's valuable information
  • Curated maintenance checklist
  • Book repair and maintenance services
  • Track health of all appliances
  • View top-rated contractors
  • View the history of your home's projects

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Maintenance Checklist
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What Can You Do With The Flat App?

Your Flat app includes:

Home Status

Powered by our Flat InspectIQ software, which leverages AI and Large Language Models, simply upload your home inspection report to receive a detailed status of your home’s condition.

Preventative Maintenance

Streamline your home upkeep with Flat's Maintenance Checklist, uniquely curated for each home. Effortlessly manage and track routine tasks to ensure your property remains in peak condition.

Book Services

Effortlessly book home maintenance services directly through Flat. With just a few clicks, connect with trusted professionals to address any home care needs promptly and efficiently.

Vetted Contractors

Discover top-rated, vetted contractors in your area with Flat. We simplify the search process, connecting you with trusted professionals for reliable and high-quality home services.