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We created Flat with the fundamental goal of simplifying and streamlining the homeownership experience, making it more predictable and manageable. Recognizing the complexities and challenges that homeowners often face when juggling various aspects of home management, we envisioned a unified solution. Our aim was to consolidate everything that comes with home maintenance—from knowing what to do to scheduling repairs to managing information—into a single, comprehensive platform.

By integrating all essential home management tools into one intuitive interface, Flat provides homeowners not only with convenience but also with peace of mind, knowing that every aspect of their home is accounted for and easily accessible. This holistic approach ensures that homeowners can focus more on enjoying their homes and less on managing them.

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The Flat Difference

Worry-Free Home Ownership

We identify problems before they become costly repairs

Home Dashboard

Visit your home dashboard and view the status of your home at anytime

All In One Place

Everything you need to manage your home in one centralized spot.


Tasks Completed


Customer Dollars Saved


Serious Issues Prevented

Our Team

Our team at Flat is made up of tech nerds, problem solvers, and handymen who want to see every homeowner living their best life and enjoying their residence to the fullest. We’re obsessed with creating home management and maintenance solutions that actually work for how people live their lives.

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