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Never Lose A ReFi Again.

Flat maximizes your repeat and referral business by focusing on the relationship before, during, and after a home transaction, adding value to homeowners and professionals. Flat not only revolutionizes the journey of homeownership by bridging crucial relationships but also integrates seamless communication between brokers and users.

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Marketing and Customer Engagement

Elevate your client relationships to new heights with Flat’s personalized engagement marketing. Monthly reports and actionable insights not only keep homeowners informed but also position mortgage brokers as indispensable, go-to advisors, enhancing lead generation and customer loyalty through education and personalized communication.

  • Real-Time Engagement
    The immediate access provided by the "request call" feature strengthens client relationships through timely, personalized interactions.
  • Customer Loyalty
    By offering direct and immediate advisory services, mortgage brokers can significantly enhance client retention and satisfaction.
  • Lead Cultivation
    Direct requests for calls serve as warm leads, indicating strong client interest and readiness to engage.
  • Email Marketing
    We provide your customers with information they want to see, all while keeping you front and center.

Revolutionary Technology

Step into the future of real estate with Flat’s data-driven platform, where cutting-edge technology meets practical, actionable financial insights. Our tools are designed to keep homeowners informed and in control, with direct pathways to professional advice just a click away.

  • Refinance Alerts
    Homeowners receive timely notifications when market conditions make refinancing a beneficial choice, encouraging immediate action with a call to action (CTA) to "Request a Call" from a broker.
  • Home Value and Equity Insights
    Users can easily track their home's current value and accumulated equity, with a straightforward CTA prompting them to discuss leveraging their equity with a broker.
  • Financial Calculators
    From determining potential rental income to calculating mortgage payments, our intuitive tools help homeowners understand their financial options. Each tool features a CTA to connect with a broker for personalized advice.
  • Neighborhood Insights
    Gain access to essential statistics about your local real estate market, including growth rates and median prices, complemented by a CTA for those considering a move or investment to reach out to a broker directly.

Financial Benefits and ROI

Unlock the true potential of homeownership with Flat’s dynamic financial dashboard. By offering comprehensive insights into home value and equity, mortgage brokers can empower homeowners to make informed decisions, fostering repeat and referral business through genuine financial growth and understanding.

  • Proactive Advisory Opportunities
    Utilize the "request call" feature to proactively address clients’ needs, from equity access to refinancing.
  • Mutual Financial Growth
    Guide clients through their financial options with ease, enhancing their investment and your business through direct engagement.
  • Immediate Consultations
    The instant nature of communication accelerates decision-making processes, benefitting both homeowners and brokers.